Jannifer Hoffman


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Random Fire by Jannifer Hoffman


Review from, and Copyright held by, Night Owl Reviews

Review by Terri

Katie Benson wants to get pregnant. Actually, it was more that she needs to get pregnant. Her father set up his will so she couldnít get her inheritance until she gives birth. Right now, her best friends, Ruby and Jerry Hatcher need the money she would get for a medical procedure for their son, Ryan. That means Katie doesnít have the time to find a guy, fall in love and then get pregnant. She canít use a sperm bank because one of the stipulations was she had to name the father of her baby. Thatís why Katie is checking out guys at a lake north of Minneapolis. It helps that Rubyís family has a cottage here too! 

Virgil Douglas is fishing and minding his own business when this red headed woman tries to stand up in a canoe to take a picture. Standing up in a canoe isnít real smart and she promptly falls in the freezing cold water. Being close to this mishap, Virgil pulls her out of the water to find that she is going into hypothermia. It seems the best course of action is to take her to the house he bought his parents and warm her up. He doesnít expect that process to land him in bed with her but they sure do warm up the sheets. 

Katie gets lots of information about Virgil and his family while giving out very little information about herself. When Virgil seems to be wanting more than Katie can give, she slides out of his life while heís sleeping. 

Not knowing what else to do and at the end of his rope, Virgil tries a psychic and is told that a young man is looking for him. Heís also told that he will find the red headed woman where he found her originally. So, can this psychic be right? And who is this young man? 

This is another book about the Douglas clan. Virgil is the last single sibling and heís happy that way. Meeting Katie may change his mind. You donít have to read the previous stories to understand and enjoy this one. However, the characters from the other stories make appearances in this one. 

The characters are superb. I loved each and every one of them except the bad guy who I hated, of course. The Douglas clan is loyal to each other and Katie is surprised on how quickly they drop things to help their older brother. Katie is loyal to her friends and would bend over backwards to help them. Virgil and Katie are the type of people that just have to do the right thing, even when itís hard. The secondary characters are just as interesting. Hunter, Virgilís brother, wants to quiz Katie and loves it when she gives back as good as he's giving. Ruby and Jerry have known Katie for years. All in all, the characters reflect people that we probably already know. 

There is a bad guy though, Sam Henley and it looks like heís trying to kill Katie. Trying to keep her safe becomes a lot more dangerous than anyone expects. Iíll be honest. I was fairly sure early on in the book on who was helping Sam but I was wrong. This was an awesome unique twist that I really didnít see coming. 

I really enjoyed this fast paced story. I hated to put it down as I was falling asleep and couldnít wait to finish it when I got up. It kept my interest and I was amazed at how the plot changed the story from a fairly average romance to a sit on the edge of your seat adventure.  

Iíve really enjoyed reading about the Douglas family. Even though Virgil was the last single sibling, another character was introduced that could continue this wonderful series. I truly hope he gets his chance at love too.

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