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“This author’s books will get your blood pumping...and warm your heart!”

—Cherie Michalec, Oklahoma


“My name is Mimi Harrison. I live in Williamston, North Carolina. I have just read your book Ceremony of Deception and enjoyed it very much. I love reading Historical fiction. Your character Jessie is the type of woman that I love reading about. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.

“I feel like I should tell you how I found out about you. Seems we have a mutual friend, Deb Mehr. She knows I enjoy reading and told me about you. I am very glad she did. I will be purchasing more of your books and adding them to my library. In reading about you I found out that you read The Flame and The Flower. I have every one of Kathleen's books. My goal now is to collect yours.

“Thanks for letting me enter the world of Jessie and Scott. I look forward to meeting other characters you have and will create.”


The Latest News

Welcome to My Website!


Yes, my real name is Jannifer. Unusual spelling, I know. My mother found it in a book she read. (fitting huh?) I hope you find my site fun and interesting. I’ll be adding new things as I go along.

Feel free to e-mail me at Jannifer@frontiernet.net if you have any questions, or use the Contact page.



At right is a thumbnail view of a book signing I attended this Fall at the Sandstone, MN, Jack Pine Riders show. Check out the bigger view here.



Here is a photo of a book signing I did at the Yuma Fair grounds Feb 1st 2009. Click here to see a larger version.



Click to see a photo from the Sierra Vista Book Fair, March 15th with friend Pinkie Paranya. Check out her website at www.pinkieparanya.com.



Here I am signing books in Green Bay at the WisRWA Write touch conference.  Click here to see a larger version.




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When Julia Morgan M.D. miscarries twin girls she divorces her husband believing he is to blame.  He forces her out of her position at the hospital and threatens her. With prompting from her sister, Julia accepts a position as nanny on a ranch 900 miles away. Knowing she is overqualified, she conveniently omits her medical degree from the application. 

Dirk Travis is in trouble, his wife has gone missing, and his housekeeper is threatening to quit. He is in desperate need of a reliable person to look after his four-year-old twins. Julia appears to be the answer to his prayers. But is she too perfect, too beautiful, and too intelligent to be a nanny? Can he afford to tell her why he’s an incompetent father?

Both immediately insist their relationship will remain business only. While those plans start to go awry, other things begin to happen. People are getting killed and Dirk is the prime suspect.  The heat index rises between Julia and Dirk even as Julia appears to be the next target.

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Blood Crystal took 2nd place in the Florida heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award

Kellie Sharpe says:

Thanks to everyone who entered the Romantic Suspense category in this year's Heart of Excellence Reader's Choice Awards. Here are the winners:
1st Place - Misty Evans for Proof of Life, Super Agent Series, Book 3
2nd Place - Jannifer Hoffman for Blood Crystal
3rd Place - Kaylea Cross for Relentless

Congratulations, ladies! Nice work! This must have been a tough category to judge this year. All the entries were awesome, I'm told.



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Book Three of the Douglas Family Series.

When a priceless crystal is stolen and five international agents killed, rookie agent Dani Lovato is sent undercover into the clandestine world of precious gems to retrieve it.  

Stephen Douglas returns from Afghanistan, a wounded war hero, to find the life he left behind in shambles. Depressed and hitting rock bottom in an LA jail he’s offered the chance to be released with a clear record.  All he has to do is show up at a warehouse and pick up the sheriff’s daughter who is stranded and in harm’s way.  What sounds like a simple venture, turns into an escapade that becomes the ride of his life.

Thrown together, not trusting each other, Stephen and Dani embark on a cross-country mission to return the Blood Crystal from the bowels of LA to its rightful owner in Washington DC.  Along the way they discover there is a thin line between the good guys and the bad guys and staying alive becomes more challenging with each perilous turn.  Sparks fly between them in more ways than one as Dani accidentally learns the startling secret of the Blood Crystal.

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Book Two in the Douglas Family Series.

Driver, Jamie Lecorre, competing in the male dominated NASCAR Nextel race, needs a tape that will exonerate her from a crash that has temporarily put her on crutches. Weary of dealing with domineering, chauvinistic males, she is suddenly attracted to just such a man. A man who can get her tape.

Quint Douglas has sworn off high profile, over intelligent women. He discovers the blond bimbo of his dreams, trying to change a flat on a pink BMW. Offering help, he uses a bit too much attitude and is shot down. Quint struggles to win her over in spite of his deep-seated fear of speed.

Together they enter the tight knit world of NASCAR to investigate an old murder, a new body, and a highway collision—all tied together, with too many suspects. Quint tries to keep Jamie from being the next victim even as she races around the track at 180 miles an hour pursued by several men who would like to see her eliminated, in more ways than one.

Here is a sample chapter.

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The most important things in Patsy Bartlett’s life is what color nail polish to use and whether to fly to Rome or Paris for the weekend — until her father, calling her spoiled, lazy, and greedy, cuts the purse strings and gives her a sink or swim ultimatum.  She must survive on twenty-five thousand dollars for one year or be stricken from his will. A list of restrictions ban her from borrowing, acquiring money she hasn’t earned, or carrying a debt of any kind at the end of the year. Taking her time to acknowledge he is truly serious gets her into trouble.

North Dakota farmer Luke McAlister is accused of killing his wife and two little girls.  His trial is dismissed because of a questionable technicality. Consequently, returning to the small town he grew up in suddenly becomes a nightmare. The community is divided between those who believe he got off with murder and those who think he is innocent. The only way he can find peace is to unravel the mystery of what happened on a night he can’t remember — and hope the truth doesn’t turn out to be his biggest nightmare.  

The last thing he expects is help from of a carrot-top floozy driving a red Maserati.

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When the wealthiest man in Duluth receives a blackmail note, he goes after the only person who could be responsible, the mother of his illegally adopted daughter.

Jace Murdock is curious when a local hotel baron seeks him out to locate a woman he claims is his wife’s daughter.  When Jace discovers he’s being tailed, he starts to wonder if the wealthy businessman has an ulterior motive for hiring a disbarred lawyer to do a simple job his own attorney could have handled.

Elementary school teacher LuAnn Barstow has lived a safe, though tormented, existence.  Her one dream is that someday she will be reunited with the daughter she’d been forced to give up at birth. Every year on July fourth she celebrates a lonely birthday for her lost baby. In three weeks she would turn thirteen.

LuAnn dares to hope that her wish will come true when a mysterious stranger, Jace Murdock, knocks on her door with information that someone is looking for her.

Instead of finding her daughter her sedentary world is suddenly turned upside down and she ends up fleeing for her life. Even though Jace is the very person who brought the trauma into her life, he is the only one she can turn to for help.  But can she really trust him?

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After her husband is murdered, Maggie Carpelli discovers her father-in-law may be involved in a multi-million dollar investment scheme. He’ll stop at nothing to prevent this information from getting into the wrong hands. He is out for blood…hers. She has to disappear without leaving a trail. The perfect escape presents itself in the form of a man-in-distress.


After spending two years in an Arizona prison, Logan Rydell is headed to Minnesota on a mission to clear his name. Trouble is, he’s low on funds and out of luck…until a classy lady appears and makes him an unbelievable offer.


Maggie puts her life in the hands of a ruggedly handsome stranger who has as many secrets as she does. Fighting a growing desire for her mysterious companion, Maggie keeps an eye on the rearview mirror, and Logan tries to understand why a once married woman can’t say the word sex out loud…and who is chasing her?

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Book Four in the Douglas Family Series.

Katie Benson wants to get pregnant. What she doesn’t want or need is a husband. Since a sperm bank won’t work into her plans she’s hunting for a live donor. While visiting a friend’s lake home in northern Minnesota, she spies a lone fisherman out on the lake and decides he would be the ideal specimen. Now all she has to do is convince a stranger to cooperate without cluing him in on the plan.

Virgil Douglas is nursing yet another failed relationship. What was it with women anyway? They couldn’t seem to understand he liked his uncomplicated life just the way it was — no wedding ring, no babies. When he rescues the woman of his dreams from drowning he starts to reassess what he wants in life and then she disappears.

Katie’s plan spins out of control when she becomes an obstacle for an aspiring politician. As his dying wife’s psychiatrist, Katie is privy to information that could turn his senate campaign upside down. He will stop at nothing to keep her from disclosing what she knows.

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Historical Western Romance

Wyoming, 1868

Jessie McGerret has spent most of her eighteen years secluded in the Wind River Mountains, happy with her lot in life, avoiding civilization like an unknown plague. But civilization invades her world, killing the father she loves and leaving her for dead.

She has sworn to do whatever it takes to hunt down her father’s murderer—even if it means marrying herself to a man who could very well be a partner to her prey. She has the skills to defeat a killer but can she stand up to something more powerful than hatred, a man who seeks not to destroy her but to love her? Can she trust this stranger who insists she face the one thing she fears the most?

Scott Cordell is determined to rid himself of the annoying menace who has forced him into a marriage he has no intention of honoring. Women like her can be scared off quite easily. Nobody knows that better than he does, because nobody knows the secret he’s kept hidden for most of his life. He soon discovers there’s more to this gritty pest than meets the eye. And he’s determined to expose her.

A sample chapter is available here.

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The First Book in the Douglas Family Series.

When Nicole Anderson receives a midnight call informing her she has gained custody of her sister’s two children her quiet life is turned upside down. As far as she knows she doesn’t have a sister.

Hunter Douglas is assigned the task of delivering a deceased friend’s children to their aunt 1500 miles away. When he discovers the oldest child is his he doesn’t want to give her up. He takes them to Minnesota fully intending to bring them both home to New York with him. His plan goes awry when he begins to fall in love with, small-town, Nicole Anderson.

Can Nicole overcome the secrets of her past to open her heart to Hunter?

Together Nicole and Hunter must unlock the mystery of false birth certificates, a missing suitcase, peculiar pictures, a strange man following them, and a grandfather’s legacy. Attempting to solve the puzzle only makes it larger and more dangerous.

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